Caitlin Casella (E-RYT500) is a YogaWorks certified teacher and trainer for YogaWorks 200 and 500 hour programs in the US and internationally. 

After moving to New York in 1999, Caitlin turned to yoga for stability and solace. Today, a meditative union of movement and breath combined with strength training inspire her practice and teaching. Caitlin's yoga classes are both physically challenging and quietly introspective. A slow flow, breath-centered approach teaches conscious transitions, integrated movement and embodied anatomy. Expect to work mindfully and deeply. Get to know your body better and walk away feeling stronger, lighter, and refreshed.

Caitlin's interest in anatomy has inspired her to deeper study of the human body―its layers and patterns, how movement connects us to our environments, to each other, and to the self. As a teacher she empowers students with tools to organize the body and focus the mind. She fosters a safe practice space for those recovering from injury, and builds a solid platform for healthy practice.

In 2018 Caitlin will begin school for a Clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

  • E-RYT500
  • YogaWorks certified teacher
  • Teacher trainer for YogaWorks 200 and 500 hour programs in the US and Internationally
  • New curriculum development for YogaWorks 200 hour trainings
  • Anatomy studies with Amy Matthews, Leslie Kaminoff, and Jason Brown
  • Restorative yoga teacher training with Jillian Pransky