NEW IN 2019

5 in 25: Short Home Practices for Whole Body Movement Nutrition

I'll soon be rolling out a series of videos I'm calling 5 in 25. Five exercises that when combined provide a balanced whole body practice—all in just 25 minutes. The more I learn about the body, the more I understand that variety is essential. However, repetition is also important for motor learning, physical conditioning, and feeling safe. My hope is that this series will encourage you to get in your daily dose on nutritious movement, with the ability to repeat what feels useful and sprinkle in variety as well.

To kick off the series, I'm offering a free mini-course on my essential five. Five movement practices that have been essential for building strength and resilience in my body, mindset, and life. Beginning February 1st, you'll get an email every day for six days. The first five emails will each include a 5 minute video and writing about why the practice du jour is essential for the yoga practitioner, or any human. On the sixth day, you'll receive the complete 5 in 25 video putting it all together into a simple daily practice.

Come February 1st, I don't want to crowd your inbox. Therefore, even if you’re already on my email list, you must enter your email below to sign up. As a bonus, at the end of the course, you'll get a discount code for the full 5 in 25 series.

I always thought you were a fantastic teacher and, despite my total lack of flexibility, never felt better than when I was consistently taking your classes. So I’m really looking forward to following along with your videos and getting these joints of mine moving again.
— Tiffany L.


The Class That Leads Nowhere

My first full length class filmed right in my living room. I had an idea to create a one hour class with no aim—only to warm and wake up the body in all ranges of motion, in various positions—lying down, on hands and knees, standing, and lying down again. It was such a good time putting it together, I’m planning much more for 2019. Here’s is an excerpt you can check out for free. The full class is available for purchase below.

I just did your ‘class to nowhere.’ It was great and what I needed. This class reminded me my practice doesn’t have to be a ‘routine’ just what my body needs. Thanks for reminder. Oh. And I miss your cues and teaching!! Hope you do other videos!
— Kathleen Gordon Yeo


Teacher Mentorship

I’m dreaming up a mentorship program for yoga teachers interested in bridging the gap between asana and modern exercise science. Stay tuned.

Congrats on the FRC certification. You’re such an inspiration. I’m grateful you led our teacher training. I’m still figuring out exactly what I’m doing here, but I’m so inspired by your path. I don’t know if I’ll ever teach beyond instagram videos, ha! But if I do, I’m definitely not teaching asana. Still, your training opened all the doors! Thank you for doing the work.
— Madison Severy