The YogaWorks 200 hour teacher training is a thorough and practical foundational course. Serious students of yoga gain in-depth understanding of asana, anatomy, sequencing and the skills necessary for clear communication. Yoga philosophy, meditation, pranayama and basic principals of prenatal and restoratives will also be covered.

I find great joy in watching students incorporate new ideas and greater clarity into their own yoga practices. Our learning is elevated when we discover a voice to express those ideas to others—the roles of teacher and student become interchangeable and inseparable. Drawing from the experience of a deepened personal practice gives new teachers the confidence to teach from a place of knowing.




"YogaWorks Teacher Training was undoubtedly a life-altering experience. My practice of yoga has deepened tenfold and I have a greater understanding of yoga both on and off my mat. The trainer, Caitlin Casella possessed an advanced knowledge of asanas, anatomy and sutra. The class environment fostered engrossing conversation and advanced learning. From forward bending to philosophy, from shoulder joint physiology to Sun Salutations the course covered all elements of yoga in detail. YogaWorks trained me to be skillful, thoughtful and purposeful in my practice and in my teaching." – Cate D, North Carolina

"Caitlin's class is precise, rich and fun! Her passion for yoga and love of people teach us what is most important as a person, and as a yoga teacher. It was one of the most meaningful experiences for me to have joined Caitlin's teacher training as a translator.  It made me love yoga even more!" – Hiroko Inoue, Tokyo Japan

"Caitlin is a natural teacher who is passionate about yoga, anatomy and meditation. She delivered her extensive knowledge and understanding to the aspiring yogis in my class in a well thought out sequence that prepared all of us to start a yoga journey upon completion. The amount of material we covered in just 4 weeks was a lot, but she brought it to us in a way that didn't ever feel like an overload of information. It was an honor participating in her 200-hour intensive training in New York City. I highly recommend doing your training with her at YogaWorks."  – Elizabeth R, New York

"Caitlin makes complex information accessible through her simple and clear instructions. There's nothing like learning from someone who has a passion for what they do. It was a privilege to have her as a teacher." – Joe B, New York

"Caitlin is very strong, strong enough to deal with any kind of stress. She never forgets to smile or her sense of humor. I really admire her as a human being and a teacher. Caitlin is absolutely professional and keeps proper distance between student and teacher. She is my first yoga teacher and defines what a yoga teacher is."  – Kentarou Mafune, Osaka Japan

"I am so satisfied. Caitlin is tolerant and calm, kind and strong. I felt safe every time Caitlin taught sequences."  – Noriko Anai, Tokyo Japan

raising the bar on yoga education

I am a yoga educator. My classes go beyond instructing a group of people through a list of poses. My belief is that students are hungry for understanding. They want to feel safe, seen and supported. As a teacher of group and one-on-one yoga, I strive to see the unique qualities of each student and create a practice that is satisfying, appropriately challenging and sustainable for a variety of physical conditions and levels of experience. My trainings ask new teachers to see their students. To understand the underlying anatomy of what they are seeing and to empathize with the underlying mental and emotional attitudes that follow us on and off the mat.

I love movement. I'm a total dork about functional human movement and deliver a practice to my students that helps them more skillfully navigate daily life. As teachers, it is important to instill qualities of self care and self love. We must walk the walk and demonstrate to our students the importance of mindful presence over striving to impress. We must look within and ask ourselves: Is my yoga practice helping me live a life of ease off the mat, or is it perpetuating patterns of pain, instability and distraction?


we stand on the shoulders of our teachers

Naturally, my teaching style is influenced by my teachers. Teachers of Iyengar yoga, Body-Mind Centering, Buddhist mindfulness meditation, restorative yoga, Feldenkrais, and a variety of slow flow Hatha styles have shaped my instructions, sequencing and pace of class. I teach linking of movement and breath, mindful transitions and embodied anatomy. I teach to the individual, encourage inquiry and leave space for modifications to fit the needs of each student in the classroom. I have extensive training in the science of the body. Anatomy, kinesiology and biomechanics are at the core of everything I teach regarding the physical practice of yoga.

In teacher training I cover the yoga sutras and weave yoga philosophy into practice. I study and practice Buddhist mindfulness meditation and incorporate those teachings into guiding meditation and relaxation. 


A practical foundation in teaching

The YogaWorks 200 hour training curriculum offers a balance of lecture topics, practical tools for teaching and hands-on experience. You will receive a well rounded foundation in

  • Yoga Asana – refine your personal practice, develop a home practice, understand the instructions you give from experience in your own body.
  • Sequencing – build a logical, safe and satisfying arc to your class.
  • Vinyasa Flow – establish a steady pace for synchronizing movement and breath, teach safe transitions with modifications for mixed level classes.
  • Anatomy – acquire "x-ray vision." Understand the relationships between bones, joints and muscles.
  • Practice Teaching – receive meaningful feedback from the trainer.
  • Practical Tools for the Classroom – see your students, teach to what you see, modify poses for various physical conditions, use props effectively, give hands-on adjustments, and discover the dynamics of your unique voice.
  • The Business of Yoga – learn about marketing, insurance, yoga in the workplace, private and small group classes.
  • Yoga Philosophy – explore the yoga sutras and how they apply to practices on and off the mat.
  • Pranayama and Medition – uncover subtle layers of body, breath and mind. Learn accessible techniques for guiding others.

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Sept - Dec 2017: YogaWorks 200 hour, Weekend format, YogaWorks New York City

October 2016: YogaWorks 200 hour, Intensive format, YogaWorks New York City

August 2016: YogaWorks 200 hour, Intensive format, YogaWorks New York City

June - July 2016: YogaWorks 200 hour, Intensive format, Tokyo Japan, Yoga Plus

April - May 2016: YogaWorks 200 hour, Intensive format, Melbourne Australia, Kula Yoga

August 2015 - February 2016: YogaWorks 300 hour, YogaWorks New York City

May - October 2015: YogaWorks 300 hour, Monterrey Mexico, Surya Yoga

January - April 2015: YogaWorks 200 hour, Extended format, Morehead City NC, Momentum yoga & fitness

October 2014: YogaWorks 200 hour, Intensive format, YogaWorks New York City

September - November 2013: YogaWorks 300 hour, Tokyo Japan, Yoga Plus

February 2013: YogaWorks 200 hour, Intensive format, Tokyo Japan, Yoga Plus

July 2012: YogaWorks 200 hour, Intensive format, Osaka Japan, Yoga Plus

March 2012: YogaWorks 200 hour, Intensive format, Tokyo Japan, Yoga Plus

May 2011 - February 2012: YogaWorks 200 hour, 12 weekend extended training with Sarah Bell, Jacksonville Florida, Ananda Kula

August 2011: YogaWorks 200 hour, Intensive format, Osaka Japan, Yoga Plus

September - November 2010: YogaWorks 200 hour, 12 weekend format, Tokyo Japan, Yoga Plus