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Your videos are like GOLD to me. Living in rural upstate NY, I have little to no access to in-person movement experts. To be able to learn from you from afar is a gift—one that I’m happy to pay for. I realize that this first course was only 25 minutes long but the knowledge you’ve shared so far has made me feel empowered and set free. I can’t thank you enough.
— Colleen McKinney
I LOVED every sec of these videos. Thank you for your efforts in creating this material Caitlin. For a teacher who is constantly bouncing from class to class, it was so amazing to pop your video on, get work in, and find balance and GOODNESS in my body. Plus, your cueing is so on point. I don’t even need to watch, I can just listen. Thank YOU!
I have been working with a PT since this summer for hip pain. Turns out my glutes and side hip muscles were not sharing the load, so I now regularly do strengthening exercises. What a huge difference after I got them working better. I really like the variations you give because it hits all the muscles of the hip. Dealing with this has connected some dots and driven home the importance of moving in all directions and strengthening. Thank you for all you do and share with us. Really looking forward to your course coming out.


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I have been teaching yoga and leading teacher trainings for over a decade. With more than 20 trainings in 200 and 300 hour mentorship formats under my belt, it’s been a good run. Traveling around the US, Mexico, Japan, and Australia has granted me an opportunity to share what I love with curious students around the globe. No exaggeration when I say that I’ve learned something from every single student I’ve met along the way. If you’re reading this, and you’ve taken a training with me, thank you.

If you’re a student who enjoys movement but feels like the yoga mold doesn’t fit your body, mindset, or lifestyle—I’m with you. Maybe you’re a yoga teacher who’s identified that the practice isn’t serving you or your students in all the ways it could—I’ve been there, and I’ve got your back with tools honed over several years of transition away from yoga asana.

Since adding strength training and other functional movement modalities to my repertoire, my practice and priorities have shifted. The past several years have brought me to a method of teaching that places the student in the driver’s seat and champions inquiry.

Now, as I pursue my Clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy, my aim is to make movement more accessible to the general population. I strive to educate about the science of the human body, while embracing the mystery of it all.

I teach multidisciplinary movement inspired by yoga, physical therapy, strength training, Feldenkrais, Functional Range Conditioning, meditation, and conscious relaxation.




My feature on The Mentor Sessions Podcast

I was recently featured as a guest on Francesca Cervero’s podcast, The Mentor Sessions: Support + Strategy for Yoga Teachers.

Francesca is a dear friend and I’m honored to share this episode with you. We discuss why I stopped referring to myself as a yoga teacher, some of the roadblocks we see other teachers run into as they try to make their teaching safer or more thoughtful when it comes to optimal musculoskeletal function, and the advice we can offer them from our experience!

I had fun recording this conversation and I’m confident you’ll enjoy it.


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