Home Practice: Funky Headstand

Spring is in the air and I had a great time teaching my inversions workshop on Saturday. Thanks to all who made it out on a rainy afternoon. In preparation for the workshop, I was inspired to switch up my usual ways of getting into the upside-down poses. There are many paths to the same destination and asana practice provides an illuminating outlet for exploring various methods of moving through time and space. A taxi from LaGuardia, the subway from JFK, or a bus from Newark. All paths bring me home eventually...

So in honor of spring and all things new, I'm highlighting simple poses that we practice often and giving them a new spin or a new way in. I'll invite you to question old habits and explore unfamiliar sensations within familiar shapes.

I'm kicking it off with the funky headstand pictured below. Half pincha mayurasana (forearm stand), half sirsasana II (tripod headstand).

Yoga pants by  Fitlis

Yoga pants by Fitlis

Prepare with a funky forearm plank pose. Try keeping one arm in forearm plank and sliding the other arm into chaturanga dandasana. This can be done with your pelvis on a block for more support.

If you have a practice of sirsasana II (tripod headstand) practice it at the wall or in the center of the room to get a feel for your balance. If you are steady in sirsasana II, it's time to mix it up and go asymmetrical! Take a look at this video for additional pointers:

Be sure to practice both sides. Observe your own asymmetry. Embrace the wobbles! 

As you practice remember, it's not about doing an impressive trick or making a fancy shape. The practice is one of moment to moment awareness. Be absorbed in the process. Watch yourself in transition and know that the pose is never finished.