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Home Practice: Funky Headstand

Spring is in the air and I had a great time teaching my inversions workshop on Saturday. Thanks to all who made it out on a rainy afternoon. In preparation for the workshop, I was inspired to switch up my usual ways of getting into the upside-down poses. There are many paths to the same destination and asana practice provides an illuminating outlet for exploring various methods of moving through time and space. A taxi from LaGuardia, the subway from JFK, or a bus from Newark. All paths bring me home eventually...

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Home Practice: Turn Your World Upside Down

At its best, autumn is a season marked by fresh starts and new ventures. The cool air moves us along. We shift our wardrobes, our food cravings, and the temperature of our beverages. Our moods mingle with the changing colors of the trees. But this quickly evolving landscape can all to often wrench us into a frenzy of activity.

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Home Practice: Foot and Leg Refresher

Do your feet and lower legs get swollen in the summer heat? Do you experience tightness, cramping, and pain in your calves, arches and toes? Have you spent your days and nights traipsing all around the hard city streets with little more supporting you downtown than a thin slice of rubber and a string between your toes?

Show those dogs some love! Follow this simple home practice to refresh, awaken, and bring greater fluidity to your foundation.

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New Year

We were playing with the rope wall to create traction on the back thigh in trikonasana. A rope positioned at a higher point on the wall provided a different sense of direction than a rope placed at a lower point. A short rope gave a different sense of support than a long rope. Essentially, the angle and length of the rope changed the experience of the pose. The rope did this for us, so that we were able to let go of the doing and simply receive, observe the feedback provided by the prop.

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