Home Practice: Funky Headstand

Spring is in the air and I had a great time teaching my inversions workshop on Saturday. Thanks to all who made it out on a rainy afternoon. In preparation for the workshop, I was inspired to switch up my usual ways of getting into the upside-down poses. There are many paths to the same destination and asana practice provides an illuminating outlet for exploring various methods of moving through time and space. A taxi from LaGuardia, the subway from JFK, or a bus from Newark. All paths bring me home eventually...

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Clean Eating: Yellow Split Pea Dal

Anticipation of spring has inspired me to clean up my diet. I'm cutting back on dairy and animal protein and getting the most out of protein rich beans, seeds, and veggies. I've always been a lover of spice and cooking with Indian spices fills my kitchen with warmth and color!

Dal is delicious. Warm and filling comfort food for the lingering winter cold, yet light enough to leave you feeling energized. Top with a squeeze of lemon and fresh cilantro for a taste of sunshine on a cold day.

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We as humans hold onto things. Our relationships to familiar objects, people, and places form a tapestry of self-identity. And while it's often scary to do so, we must shed as much as we acquire as we move through life. Each of my departures from Japan is a process of letting go. Letting go of the temporary apartment I've occupied, the streets and favorite restaurants that surround it, the people with whom I've shared countless walks and meals and conversations.

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