A mentorship for yoga teachers and movement specialists.

You know a lot. More than you think you know. You’ve taken all the trainings. The problem isn’t your lack of knowledge. It’s that you’ve never been taught how to put all these moving pieces together.


I created Cross-Fade to help bridge this gap. To take the knowledge you already have, connect the dots, and apply it in more accessible and impactful ways. It’s the kind of support I wish I’d had as my practice evolved.


Cross-Fade is for you if...

  • You’ve noticed a widening gap between your personal movement practice and the things you teach in class.

  • You’re stuck on autopilot. Reciting the same canned script while teaching a standardized sequence of poses that you don’t relate to anymore.

  • You’ve  become overwhelmed by conflicting information from all the different continuing education trainings you’ve attended.

  • You struggle with how to interpret and apply the information your students give you about contraindications and recommendations they’ve received from health care providers. You’re unsure of how to stay within your scope of practice and identify when it’s appropriate to refer out.

  • You’ve reached a plateau in your personal movement practice. Teaching multiple yoga classes a day appears to be contributing to pain or you are unsure of how to integrate other movement modalities—such a strength training—into your personal movement practice. 

  • You struggle to find the right words to describe what you do and how you teach. You need a basic foundation for using social media and building an email list to grow your teaching practice.

The mentorship includes 12 weeks of online learning packed with material to help you think critically about your teaching. Turn up the volume on the practices you embrace, and gradually fade out the things that are no longer serving you or your student base. You’ll engage with a community of outside the box thinkers and movers—we’re here for each other.

Caitlin Casella

Mentor and Creator of Cross-Fade

I made this mentorship to offer the kind of support I wish I’d had. I spent half of the past decade grappling with an identity crisis, imposter syndrome, and isolation as I moved away from a community of people and a school of thought I’d once called home. There was an ever widening gap between my personal movement practice and the things I was teaching in yoga classes and trainings.

I stepped outside my knowledge base to ask questions and seek answers from other systems of movement, therapy, and contemplative practice. The language was different. Priorities, benefits, and rationale were presented through a new lens. I was invited to experience myself in new ways through movement.


As my knowledge base widened, I became overwhelmed with information that didn’t synch with the things I’d learned in my teacher trainings and was then still covering in the trainings I led. I couldn’t get a handle on how to integrate it all. Now, as I enter my career in physical therapy the dots are connecting. I’m finding that the things I discovered through experimentation and intuition are backed up by other systems of therapeutic science. Homing in on rationale and purposeful application of universal principles of human movement has helped me help more people in individualized and impactful ways. 


In Cross-Fade I blend over a decade of experience leading 200 and 300 hour yoga teacher trainings with all of my outside influences from physical therapy and beyond. I can't wait to share it with you.

I especially loved the concept videos because they helped me see the “why” and the application. I have a bigger understanding of how people learn and integrate information. This has helped me sequence in effective but simple ways, both for a single class arc and for a longer series.



This mentorship is completely transforming the way I perceive myself as a yoga teacher, as a practitioner, even as a person. The content, the format, the entire course is impeccable. But what has moved me the most—really touched my heart—is Caitlin's empathy and humility.



Included in the Cross-Fade mentorship:

  • 12 weeks of online learning

    Caitlin, Laurel, and a community of peers are here for bouncing ideas, questioning dogma, and helping you recalibrate the areas where you're getting stuck.

  • A private Facebook group

    Because we all need a little inspiration to get the ball rolling and stay motivated. Learning in a void this is not—you'll engage with your cohort as well as past and future Cross-Fade members.

  • 4 live group calls

    We cover topics ranging from verbal cueing to sequencing, student-teacher relationship to marketing, inclusivity, offering choices in the classroom, and how to translate everything you’re learning to your unique student audience. No worries if you can’t attend live. You’ll get an outline of topics and have an opportunity to send me your questions in advance. Calls are recorded for viewing or listening in audio format at your leisure. As a Cross-Fade member, you'll also have access to call highlights from previous Cross-Fade groups, and participation in live calls with future groups.

  • Personalized coaching on business development and marketing

    There’s ample opportunity to grow business beyond the mainstream yoga studio, group class, and private client models. You can reach people who don’t typically have easy access and locate a niche population of students who can’t get what you offer anywhere else. Teacher trainings don’t teach you how to do any of this. Cross-Fade does.


    With COVID-19 and migration to the online space, we cover all aspects of designing offerings, sales flow, tech set-up, and fine tuning teaching strategies to maximize effectiveness in the virtual classroom. Even if you don't plan on teaching online for the long term, building an online presence now and figuring out how to represent your teaching on social media will provide support and sustainability for your in-person offerings.

  • Pre-recorded videos introducing you to concepts from modern movement science

    These lessons lay out clear rationale for the choices we make as teachers. Understanding the why as it relates to the science of the human body is a game changer. But we don’t stop there. You’ll also learn a ton of techniques for bringing those concepts to life. I mean, what good are concepts without context, right? And why copy a bunch of techniques without understanding purposeful application? You’ll get both. Plus homework prompts for integrating everything into your personal style of teaching.

  • A comprehensive collection of anatomy and kinesiology videos

    From the brilliant mind of Laurel Beversdorf. Cross-Fade is currently the only place to get Laurel’s signature anatomy and kinesiology series Body of Knowledge™. She brings the study of the human body to life in accessible, experiential ways. I’m thrilled to have Laurel on board to supplement your education.

  • Cueing workshop: Why tho? Own what you're saying

    2+ hours of material from Caitlin and Laurel on the science of cueing. Includes experiential examples for a variety of cueing strategies including verbal and proprioceptive cues, internal and external cues, and more.

  • There’s no rush

    Just as it takes time to sit with new experiences in your personal practice, it takes perhaps twice as long to introduce those practices to your student base. As a member of Cross-Fade you’ll share your process and gradually bring your students along for the ride. 

  • All course materials are yours to access forever

    I believe in keeping things fresh and up to date. I also don’t know where I’d be without a strong and dedicated community of teachers by my side. Once a Cross-Fade member, always a Cross-Fade member. You’ll have ongoing access to the course as it evolves, and a growing community of peers to bounce ideas, garner feedback, and stay inspired.

The content really is exceptional and will go a long, long way in the coming months and even years. It's thorough and everything is well explained. I have loved watching the concept videos and the practice videos as well as joining in with the live calls when I could (it's great knowing I can go back to recordings of those I wasn't able to attend). It's all applicable to my current teaching and my personal practice and has given me something to get hold of in times when I've felt a little lost or ideas have dried up. I've had periods when my confidence has dipped and Cross-Fade has helped me to regain that. The writing prompts and e-mail list creation is giving me the kick I need to push forward with this and try to keep building my network.



What I learned and the teachers I've been exposed to have sent me down a path of learning and teaching that I am just thrilled about. This course has been crucial in my trajectory as a yoga and movement teacher! I immediately loved the anatomy and kinesiology content of this course. The focus on multi-planar movement and abdominal slings were of particular interest to me as well as the demonstrations of using props in novel ways. I'm no longer as concerned about "correct alignment" or reaching a peak pose, but getting students to move in a number of different ways. I also appreciate Caitlin's mentorship around marketing ourselves, using Instagram and email marketing. This was a great motivator for me.​



In Cross-Fade, you'll receive support and feedback from two teachers, Caitlin and Laurel.

Laurel Beversdorf

Cross-Fade's Anatomy and Kinesiology Expert

Laurel is an international yoga educator, kettlebell teacher, the creator of Yoga with Resistance Bands, and Resistance Bands 101 with Yoga Journal, Body of Knowledge Movement Science workshops, and co-creator of Movement Logic Tutorials. Her classes blend strength training, rehabilitation practices, myofascial release, and yoga.


Laurel fosters a learning atmosphere of playful inquiry that investigates yoga, movement, and mindfulness through the lens of anatomy and biomechanics. She’s found that gaining body knowledge is a powerful antidote for feeling body shame, and has built her confidence as a teacher in her ability to help students practice in a way that reduces pain and increases curiosity.


Her signature movement science workshops Body of Knowledge™ are inspired by years of formal and informal study and inquiry. Laurel teaches anatomy and biomechanics in an experiential way that makes complex concepts accessible and inspires a habit of lifelong learning.

Cross-Fade was the program I needed. It gave my teaching and practice a much needed revamp, and got me curious about continuing my own learning. The material covered was understandable and progressed in an intelligent way. I feel so much more confident in implementing changes to the way I teach, including incorporating new styles, techniques, and language in a way that makes sense.



Best class / workshop / mentorship I have ever taken! You hit it out of the park Caitlin. I’m still learning and practicing from our summer sessions. Body of Knowledge with Laurel Beversdorf—amazeballs y’all. This has been the most beneficial chunk of wisdom for myself and my students. I’m so happy you did this and so happy for your future students to take this in 2020.




I’m not a teacher but I love studying the science of the human body and want to breathe new life into my movement practice. Can I still sign up for the mentorship? 

What time will the live calls happen?

How much time each week should I devote to the coursework?

What if I’m not available for part of the course or something unexpected comes up during the 12 weeks?

What is the refund policy?


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