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  • You’ve noticed a widening gap between your personal movement practice and the things you teach in class.

  • You frequently catch yourself on autopilot, reciting the same canned script of instructions, or teaching a standardized sequence even though the components of that sequence are things you rarely practice anymore.

  • As your knowledge base grows, you’re becoming overwhelmed with new information that doesn’t synch with the things you learned in your 200 or 500 hours of yoga teacher training. Now you’re left wondering how to integrate it all.

  • The teacher training you attended didn’t give you enough anatomy and kinesiology to understand joint mechanics, neurophysiology, and the fundamental patterns involved in human movement.

  • You’ve reached a yoga asana plateau—the practice is no longer serving you in the same ways it did in the beginning, and you’re experiencing intermittent or persistent physical pain.

  • Your values don’t jive 100% with the ideals of yoga philosophy, yet you believe in the benefits of mind-body practice, interoception, and inquiry.

  • You’re concerned that your students or the studio you teach for won’t accept the new practices you want to share.

  • The thought of marketing your skills and demanding an appropriate price for your work makes you uneasy. You have a distaste for social media, and are hesitant to jump into the conversation with your own shares.

  • You’re struggling to find your voice.

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If you’re a yoga teacher who’s completed your 200 or 500 hours of training, been teaching for a while, and looking to expand your horizons by stepping outside the yoga bubble, this mentorship is built for you.

Teaching yoga can be an isolating experience, especially while pushing back against the status quo. I’m here to remind you that you’re not alone.

The Cross-Fade mentorship provides an opportunity to sharpen your skills, remix your mindset, and find your voice within a supportive network of outside the box thinkers and movers.

You’ll get three months of direct access to me and my skill set, honed over a decade of mentoring teachers, guiding group classes and one-on-one sessions, exploring practice across a wide array of modalities, and building clinical understanding as I work toward my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. Through the lens of PT, I bring together strength training, mobility principles from Functional Range Conditioning, and somatic therapies like Feldenkrais and Body-Mind Centering. All of these practices offer a beautiful compliment to yoga asana—it’s up to you how far you push the balance.

Over the past year, I’ve been sharing openly about how I’ve reimagined my practice and purpose as a teacher of movement.

As I move through school for physical therapy the dots are all connecting. I’m finding that the things I discovered through experimentation and intuition are backed by science. While I thought PT school would turn my world upside-down (in some ways it has), it has validated most of the guiding principles I’d cobbled together, implemented, and fine tuned over the years.

I’ve made some big changes but they didn’t happen overnight. Lots of small adjustments over 6 years or so, added up to a transition away from calling myself a yoga teacher. Yet, I’ve continued to teach classes, teacher trainings, and private sessions to students of yoga nearly every day.

This shift has challenged me in ways I didn’t expect. It’s brought about learning on levels I never imagined. Waaaayy beyond the science of the human body. Once I dropped the yoga label, I gained freedom to be myself in all aspects of life. I’ve unloaded a lot of baggage that had been holding me back. Most importantly, I’ve stepped onto a path toward more honest connection, communication, and community with the people I learn from and share information with. I’ve come to see the student-teacher relationship as a community for mutual learning.

Together we’ll raise the bar on movement education, and lift each other up.

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Congrats on the FRC certification. You’re such an inspiration. I’m grateful you led our teacher training. I’m still figuring out exactly what I’m doing here, but I’m so inspired by your path. I don’t know if I’ll ever teach beyond instagram videos, ha! But if I do, I’m definitely not teaching asana. Still, your training opened all the doors! Thank you for doing the work.
You are a terrific instructor who was able to share your deep knowledge and expertise of yoga with us in such a straightforward manner. Your ability to break down complex concepts into building blocks is truly a wonderful part of your teaching style. You were always approachable and friendly, and provided valuable feedback to all of us.


The online format provides freedom to work at your own pace. However, you’ll want to take advantage of moving along with the group for support and inspiration. I’ll be checking in regularly via email to keep you motivated.

Doors close at midnight June 2. Sign up below to claim your spot.

The Cross-Fade mentorship includes:

  • Three months of access to me and a community of peers for bouncing ideas, questioning dogma, and recalibrating the areas where you’re getting stuck.

  • A private Facebook group for sharing homework, learning from each other, and asking questions.

  • Pre-recorded videos introducing you to concepts from modern movement science. These lessons lay out clear rationale for the choices we make as teachers. Understanding the why as it relates to the science of the human body is a game changer. But we don’t stop there. You’ll also learn a ton of techniques for bringing those concepts to life. I mean, what good are concepts without context, right? And why copy a bunch of techniques without understanding purposeful application? You’ll get both. Plus homework prompts for integrating everything into your personal style of teaching.

  • A comprehensive collection of anatomy and kinesiology videos developed by my good friend and phenomenal teacher, Laurel Beversdorf. Laurel’s signature yoga anatomy and biomechanics workshop series Body of Knowledge™ brings the study of the human body to life in accessible, experiential ways. I’m thrilled to have Laurel on board to supplement your education.

  • 6 live calls with me, plus 2 additional calls with guest teachers Laurel Beversdorf and Markella Los. Don’t worry if you can’t attend all of the calls live. You’ll get an outline of topics and have an opportunity to send me your questions in advance. These calls will be recorded for viewing at your leisure. We’ll cover topics ranging from verbal cueing to sequencing, student-teacher relationship to marketing.

  • There’s no rush. Just as it takes time to sit with new experiences in your personal practice, it takes perhaps twice as long to introduce those practices to your student base. As a member of Cross-Fade you’ll share your process and bring your students along for the ride.

  • All course videos are yours to keep forever.

  • BONUS: To provide even more time for the material to settle, we’ll all come back together with a follow-up Q&A call and fresh interaction in the Facebook group later in the fall.

  • Locals get discounted ($20 drop-in) access to my group classes in NYC. You may observe, assist, or practice. Whatever best supports your learning.

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Your videos are like GOLD to me. Living in rural upstate NY, I have little to no access to in-person movement experts. To be able to learn from you from afar is a gift—one that I’m happy to pay for. I realize that this first course was only 25 minutes long but the knowledge you’ve shared so far has made me feel empowered and set free. I can’t thank you enough.
I have been working with a PT since this summer for hip pain. Turns out my glutes and side hip muscles were not sharing the load, so I now regularly do strengthening exercises. What a huge difference after I got them working better. I really like the variations you give because it hits all the muscles of the hip. Dealing with this has connected some dots and driven home the importance of moving in all directions and strengthening. Thank you for all you do and share with us. Really looking forward to your course coming out.
I LOVED every sec of these videos. Thank you for your efforts in creating this material Caitlin. For a teacher who is constantly bouncing from class to class, it was so amazing to pop your video on, get work in, and find balance and GOODNESS in my body. Plus, your cueing is so on point. I don’t even need to watch, I can just listen. Thank YOU!

Mentorship price: $650

Registration is now open.

Doors close at midnight, June 2nd. Don’t miss out on this inaugural run.

Payment plan available: Three monthly payments of $220. Click here to sign up now with the payment plan.